Anat Neuhaus

Custom Application - Design and Development
(Since 1992)

Anat Neuhaus is highly experienced in analyzing, designing, developing, implementing and maintaining customized applications, information systems and web application for different sorts of Business.

Anat Neuhaus' Applications are designed to meet the specific users' requirements and needs, while taking into consideration the technology requirements and the business objectives.

Anat Neuhaus supplies reliable and dedicated customer service including phone consultation and remote assistance.

Development Tools: VB.NET, Access, HTML, JavaScript, ASP, SQL, Magic.

All applications are client-server and include connectivity to different devices and to other applications.

Some examples:  

- Shipping : Application for Shipping Agents incuding all official ducuments (Bill Of Lading, Manifest, Statement of Fact, Delivery Order and other documents) and Container Control.

 - Sales and Retails: Point of Sale, Inventory Control, automation of connection to main office, working with barcodes.

 - Production:  Follow up of production process in different areas (packing house, bio-technology lab and more).

Tel: 972-55-956937
Fax: 972-4-6378262